Refresh Your Skin with a Vitamin C Enzyme Facial

As our skin ages and is exposed to environmental toxins, its smoothness and elasticity decrease. To bring back a fresh, healthy surface, you have to remove the layers of damaged skin and nourish the underlying skin with ample nutrients. That’s exactly what our Vitamin C Enzyme Facial accomplishes! This intensely effective facial treatment leaves your skin refreshed and glowing for up to several weeks! Read More

Non-Surgical Options for Sagging Skin After Weight Loss

Losing weight is a great accomplishment, but sometimes the loose skin that remains can be discouraging. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your skin after losing weight, don’t worry – there are non-surgical options available to help you get the look you want. In this post, we’ll review three non-surgical options for tightening saggy skin after weight loss — THERMItight®, THERMIsmooth®, and EndyMed Body Contouring. Read More

Can You Get a Facial Filler with PDO Threads?

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your facial features? If so, you may be wondering if it’s possible to combine the age-bashing effects of facial filler and PDO threads at the same time. In this blog post, we’ll explore how the two procedures work together.

What is Facial Filler?

Facial fillers are substances injected into the face to smooth out folds and make wrinkles and fine lines less obvious. A facial filler injection is generally an outpatient procedure that uses numbing medicine. The treatment may take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. Read More

How Can the PDO Thread Lift Improve My Skin?

If you’re searching for a way to tighten, lift, and enhance the skin on your face and neck, but don’t want to go under the knife, PDO threads might be the best solution for you. PDO threads allow our clients to improve sagging, loose facial skin without the risks and costs of surgery.

What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are extremely thin strands of thread (thinner than human hair!) that are coated with FDA-approved protein material. PDO threads are strategically injected into the top layers of the facial skin to stimulate collagen renewal. Read More

Why You Should Consider Using Medical Grade Skin Care Products

If you’ve purchased a truck load of cosmetic skin care products with lackluster results, you’re not alone. Every year, billions of dollars are spent in the U.S. alone on over-the-counter skin care products, also known as drugstore products. These products are inexpensive and made to suit multiple skin needs and types, catering to a very broad audience.

However, for people with more specific skin care needs, drugstore products can be less than effective. That’s because skin care products labeled as cosmetic are not allowed to actually make structural or biological changes in the skin, so their results are often just on the surface. For results that penetrate down into the deep layers of the skin and bring about real change, you’ll need medical grade products instead. Read More

Achieve the Best Skin Ever with a Vitamin C Enzyme Facial

We all want that fresh, dewy glow that we see walking down the red carpet, and now, it can be yours! Our Vitamin C Enzyme Facial is the perfect way to brighten up your complexion and give you those “woke up like this” vibes.

What issues does the Vitamin C Enzyme Facial correct?

Our Vitamin C Enzyme Facial is perfect for anyone struggling with: Read More

What You Should Know About Lip Thread Lift

When it comes to giving the lips a fuller, more youthful appearance, you have plenty of options. Each of those options serves a specific purpose for plumping, hydrating or smoothing the lip area, and one of those options is a lip thread lift.

What is a lip thread lift?

A lip thread lift raises the droopy, saggy skin around the mouth that can make us look older than we really are. If your lip line has become flat or your entire smile seems to have dropped, then a lip thread lift may be right for you. Read More

How to Build to a Daily Skin Regimen

Daily Skin RegimenWhen it comes to using skincare products, consistency is key. Without a regular routine, the skincare products that you use won’t provide the optimal results. To achieve the cosmetic results that you want, it’s important to build a daily skin regimen.

Using high-quality products isn’t the only factor that matters when it comes to skincare; it’s also crucial to apply the products in an efficacious order and at the optimal time of day to reap the maximum benefit. In this article, we’ll discuss the components and order of an effective daily skin regimen. 

Step 1: Cleanser 

The first step in any skin regimen should be to cleanse the skin. We recommend a lathering, sulfate-free cleanser that you can gently massage into the skin after wetting it with warm water. Gentle cleansers are ideal to rid the skin of dirt, debris, and impurities without causing irritation.  Read More

Benefits of Hydrojelly Facial

Hydrojelly FacialFacials are often underestimated as powerful treatments for refreshed, healthy skin. The Hydojelly facial is an advanced option that can enhance the results of other cosmetic treatments or be used alone for noticeably hydrated and soothed skin. With the Hydrojelly facial, patients can improve the look and feel of their skin after a single application. 

What Makes The Hydrojelly Facial Different?

The Hydrojelly facial begins as a powder and is activated with purified water before being applied. When the powder combines with the water, it gains a jelly-like texture that can be easily smoothed over the skin. Once the jelly has settled for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, it solidifies and forms a vacuum seal over the skin for maximum absorption of the facial ingredients. The vacuum created when the Hydrojelly facial solidifies is a unique feature and makes it one of the most potent facials available.   Read More