Xeomin is a neurotoxin used to soften and prevent static lines (aka: wrinkles) by relaxing the underlying muscles. Like Botox and Dysport, Xeomin is used to soften the wrinkles in your forehead, crows feet and those negative or angry lines between your eyebrows, also known as the gabella or “11 lines”.

Pronounced “zeo-min,” Xeomin is a highly purified neurotoxin that alleviates moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows by blocking nerve activity in the muscles. Since it does not contain additional proteins like Botox, Xeomin is often referred to as the “naked” version of Botox.

Dr. Todd A. Besnoff and his nurse practitioner are expert injectors and are pleased to offer Xeomin to patients who are looking for another option designed to promote an anti-aging appearance.

Xeomin Creates A Brow Line Free From Wrinkles
Consider how many times each day you frown or furrow your eyebrows. Every time you are confused, angry, or shocked, you make facial expressions that cause the formation of static lines, “wrinkles.” As as person ages, the etched in lines become deeper and more pronounced. With consistent use of a neurotoxin like Xeomin, the static lines can be softened and will thus prevent the deeper surface lines from developing.

Xeomin is FDA-approved to fight glabellar lines (the “11s”) between the eyebrows. This product functions by blocking nerve activity to the muscles between the brows and forcing those muscles to relax or stop moving. It will take approximately 7-14 days for Xeomin to take full effect. Results usually last approximately 3-4 months therefore, retreating the area is recommended when movement returns.

Xeomin is ‘Naked’
The component that sets Xeomin apart from other neuromodulators is the fact that it is “naked.” In other words, it consists of only one ingredient, botulinum toxin type A, and is free of additives and extra proteins. This highly purified neurotoxin significantly reduces the potential for allergic reactions and other complications. Xeomin offers an alternative to patients. Please schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss an appropriate treatment option.

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