Body Contouring Clearwater

Build Your Ultimate Body You’ve Always Wanted

Body contouring non–surgical treatments target your trouble spots to help sculpt, firm and reshape your figure. No matter how much we diet and workout it seems like those fatty bulges just won’t go away. Stubborn belly fat can be a tough area to target, limiting your clothing options and your self-esteem. “Love handles” most women hate are these bulges, which appear on the sides and the back of the torso can be a source of disdain for any waist-watcher. Age, gravity, significant weight loss and hormone fluctuations all affect the shape and tone of your skin. Your body naturally starts to produce less collagen and elastin which results in loose, flabby skin on different body areas.

In the past many have turned to traditional liposuction for help with reshaping different body areas. Now there’s a different way! Don’t let cellulite, dimples and irregular fat pockets affect your looks! Learn more about our procedures.

If you are interested in a comprehensive approach, Dr. Besnoff offers his Integrated Medical Weight Loss program . This physician supervised program is affordable, multi-function, easy, effective,.

Unlike other weight-loss facilities, we do not sell clients prepackaged food or shake meal replacements. Instead, the doctor will guide you with motivational, in-depth coaching to help you make the right choices.

Get started today! Call our office and schedule an appointment to learn more about losing weight through our body contouring procedures.

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