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ThermiTight LogoThermiTight: Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

Even if you’re not entirely sure of the definition of skin laxity, chances are you recognize its symptoms. Fine lines and wrinkles. Puffiness and bags under the eyes. Cellulite. Skin that has lost its natural radiance. It’s disappointing and stressful to notice signs of skin laxity slowly creeping into your appearance, especially since it can detract from natural beauty and indicate premature aging. Fortunately, ThermiTight offers an advanced yet simple solution to skin laxity.

What Causes Skin Laxity? Natural aging and genetics combine with your own diet habits, stress levels, sun exposure, environmental toxin exposure, and lifestyle choices to contribute to a loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Without these two vital components, the skin breaks down and becomes loose, thin, dry, and dehydrated.

What is ThermiTight? This revolutionary aesthetic procedure delivers controlled thermal energy under the skin to reverse the effects of skin laxity. It’s the perfect treatment if you’re determined to avoid surgery but hoping to achieve more than standard non-invasive procedures have to offer. ThermiTight is used mainly on problem areas the like the face, neck, stomach, and thighs.

How Does ThermiTight Work? This painless micro-invasive procedure inserts a tiny probe under the skin in order to apply radioactive energy to the targeted tissue. As soon as the energy hits, the tissue shrinks. This shrinkage adds up to visible results on the skin over time to show decreased skin sagging and smoother texture. Most patients receive a single treatment that lasts several years.

Dr. Besnoff and his team at Ultimate Imagine Cosmetic Medical Center are dedicated to helping you achieve the skin you desire using the most innovative and groundbreaking treatments available. ThermiTight is a perfect non-surgical way to achieve tighter, healthier skin. Call today to find out how it can transform your skin!