Skin Rejuvenation/Anti-aging

Fraxel® Laser Therapy

If you are tired of looking in the mirror only to see acne scars, pigmentation problems, wrinkles, and sun damage on your face, Fraxel is the solution you’ve been looking for to eliminate those trouble spots and help you feel like a younger, more radiant version of yourself.

Microneedling/Stem Cells

Used alone, platelet rich plasma and micro-needling are each very effective treatments, but used together they are a power team that works in an amazing way to encourage and stimulate the body’s very own repairing, rejuvenation, and anti-aging processes.

ProCell Microneedling

We lose many of our stem cells to the aging process, which causes the body to heal less effectively than it once did. The ProCell microneedling treatment gives the skin the effect of having more stem cells for greater recovery. You can see an improvement in your skin’s look and feel as soon as 2 days after ProCell microneedling.

HydraFacial MD®

Your face is exposed to a harsh environment of pollution, toxins, winds, and UV rays from the moment you step outside in the morning. These undetectable free radicals cause damage to your skin that you often can’t see until it’s too late. In addition, natural aging often causes lost collagen and dehydration that ages the skin prematurely. To counteract these factors, the innovative Hydrafacial system focuses on the nourishment and restoration of the skin while preventing future damage in order to produce outward radiance.

Chemical Peels

We all seek healthy, attractive skin, but sun exposure, pollutants, environmental elements, and lack of proper skin care compromises about 80 percent of the skin’s aging process. Fortunately, modern cosmetic chemistry now allows us to formulate advanced treatments, procedures, and products that can refine skin texture to look smoother, clearer, and much younger.

Neurotoxins/Dermal Fillers

Don’t let the term “neurotoxin” fool you. The paralyzing agent Botulinum toxin type A is the neurotoxin in injectable Botox and Dysport is responsible for relaxing and easing the appearance of facial wrinkles to help you achieve younger looking skin. Dermal fillers are injectable gels that can treat wrinkles, folds and improve facial contouring.

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