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doctor-picTODD A. BESNOFF, M.D.


When he was 13 years old, Dr. Todd Besnoff found out on his school’s career day that he had the stomach for, well, stomach surgery. “I chose to go to surgery during my school’s career day and loved watching the abdominal surgeries,” he says. “I found that fascinating.”

Now, as one of the Tampa Bay area’s top cosmetic physicians, Dr. Besnoff has performed thousands of surgical procedures in plastic surgery, gynecology, tissue donation and life-saving emergency treatments. In fact, he has performed more BOTOX® / Dysport® treatments in Tampa Bay than any other provider. “I chose this line of medicine because of my ability to work well with my hands during medical procedures and my desire to make patients feel happy about themselves.” he says.

Dr. Besnoff was recently certified to administer Kybella® injections, which is a drug that, once injected, dissolves the fat under the chin. He also uses ThermiTightTM which administers radiofrequency to heat the skin under the chin and on the neck to help tighten that area. Additionally Dr. Besnoff’s team has the proper non-invasive treatment for bags under the eyes (PRP Micro-Needling, Thermi™Smooth or Fraxel® Laser).

Dr. Besnoff also offers BOTOX® and Dysport®, dermal fillers, skin beautifying procedures, IV therapy and Weight Management with Cryo 4s.  “Cosmetic medicine is really a form of psychological medicine,” he says. “We help patients have a better outlook on themselves, which allows them to have a more positive and productive outlook on life. The most rewarding part of the day is when a patient can view his or her before-and-after pictures and see the improvement our treatment had on his or her beauty. Even more rewarding, as a doctor, is knowing that I am making a positive difference in the life of my patients.

Dr. Besnoff’s office is located in Clearwater, and has a second office being built in South Tampa.

Dr. Besnoff is a dad of two and enjoys family games, dressing up for Cosplay events and outdoor activities such as beach games, boating, tennis, and golf.

Education and Medical Employment History

Began as a Surgical Technologist for Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.  Worked for the University of Florida for nine years running the UF Tissue Bank in Tallahassee, Florida. Undergraduate at Florida State University.  Medical school at Florida State University College of Medicine.  Medical Residency at Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola, Florida.  Member of the American Medical Association, Pinellas County Medical Association, American Society of Cosmetic Physicians, and the National Physician’s Alliance.

Winner of THE Best Aesthetic Practice (international competition) of 2017.  Winner of the Top 25 Injectors in the United States. Delivered or assisted in the delivery of over 2,000 babies. Performed and/or assisted in thousands of scheduled and emergency life-saving surgical procedures.  Taught and performed thousands of organ and tissue recovery procedures. Performed about 50,000 aesthetic appointments/procedures since 2012 at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center.

Dr. Besnoff sits on the Physician Advisory Board for Merz, a global medical pharmaceutical company.