Explore The Benefits of Chemical Peels for Acne Scarring

Has years of active acne left your skin scarred and uneven? Acne is a common condition that affects millions of adolescents and adults each year, causing unsightly and sometimes painful bumps that sometimes break open the skin and leave scars behind. For people with moderate to severe acne, this scarring can begin to significantly affect their skin’s appearance and texture, leaving them looking for a solution. At Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center in Tampa Bay, we offer several chemical peels specifically designed to reduce the appearance of acne scarring.

Acne Peel (35% Salicylic Acid)

Salicylic acid is a powerhouse ingredient in the fight against acne, so our Acne Peel is packed full of it for maximum impact. By reducing the amount of acne lesions on the face, the potential for acne scarring is also reduced. For clients with active acne outbreaks, this is the peel of choice.

Jessner Peel

Made for moderate severity acne scarring, the Jessner Peel contains a combination of 28% Lactic Acid, 28% Salicylic Acid, and 14% Resorcinol. These ingredients are applied in layers to the face, with the number of layers determining the intensity of the peel and the results. In addition to reducing the appearance of acne scarring, the Jessner Peel also smooths rough skin, reduces the appearance of large pores, balances oily skin, and reduces hyperpigmentation. After the peel is complete, we nourish the client’s skin with our Ultra Replenishing SPF 40.

20% TCA Intense Peel

For severe acne scarring, the 20% TCA Intense Peel is our recommendation. This beast of a chemical peel effectively reduces the appearance of aging on the skin, whether it be from genetics or environmental factors. Expect a 7-10 day peel time after your appointment as the peel continues to work destroying old, dead, and unhealthy skin cells to reveal a fresh, glowing face beneath. Be extra vigilant about wearing sunscreen and avoiding sun exposure for the weeks following this peel, since your skin will be especially sensitive.

Blast Through Acne Scarring at Ultimate Image in Tampa Bay

No matter how bad your acne scarring is, Ultimate Image has a chemical peel to give you smoother, more even skin tone and texture. Consult with one of our qualified and talented aestheticians today about which chemical peel, or combination of peels, is right for you by contacting us at 727-799-7000. Together, we can develop a plan to help you minimize the signs of damage and aging on your skin.