Health & Beauty

Medical Weight Loss – B-12, B-6 Injections

Weight loss can be a very frustrating and difficult goal. Even after following a healthy diet and exercise routine, many people find that they still struggle to lose weight. Vitamins B-6 and B-12 have been found to support the weight loss process, specifically when injected straight into the body.

IV Nutrient Therapy

Health issues like digestive discomfort, Fibromyalgia, cancer, viral infections, and chronic immune dysfunction can take an enormous toll on your wellbeing and quality of life. While some doctors may simply prescribe a medicine to alleviate the symptoms, IV nutrient therapy actually assesses your body’s nutritional imbalances in order to identify and correct the deficiencies causing the core of your health problems.

Brow and Eyelash Tinting

When you want to look and feel your absolute best, the secret is often in the small details. Brow and lash tinting all provide a subtle enhancement to your appearance that leave you looking and feeling better than ever.

Medical Grade Skin Care Products

At Ultimate Image, we offer superior skin care products to meet your most customized needs. We proudly offer products designed to address every skin condition and meet your exact concerns.

Neurotoxins/Dermal Fillers

Don’t let the term “neurotoxin” fool you. The paralyzing agent Botulinum toxin type A is the neurotoxin in injectable Botox and Dysport is responsible for relaxing and easing the appearance of facial wrinkles to help you achieve younger looking skin. Dermal fillers are injectable gels that can treat wrinkles, folds and improve facial contouring.

Anti-Aging Treatments

Rejuvenate your skin with laser therapy, PRP micro-needling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, facials, and more.