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Eliminate Your Double Chin!

kybella logoUltimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center is offering KYBELLA, a new non-surgical injectable to dissolve fat on the neck and chin. The dreaded double chin can develop as you approach middle age or in many cases it may just be a function of genetics appearing earlier in life. The young and thin are not exempt and can be excellent candidates for KYBELLA treatments.

Fat that develops under the chin (clinical name, submental fat) is often the result of water retention, which tends to run in families. Everyone loses muscle with age, including muscles under the chin and neck which are comprised of thinner skin making this area one of the 1st to sag. This is why double chins are so common—and one of the top complaints of cosmetic patients.

Diet and exercise can sometimes lessen a double chin, but this is rare. Plenty of fit people still sport extra fat under their chin.

Non-Surgical Double Chin Treatment in Clearwater and Tampa

Fixing a double chin used to require surgery and downtime. Today, many people are looking at KYBELLA®, a new, FDA-approved nonsurgical and noninvasive treatment made by Allergan the same company that produces Botox and Juvederm.

KYBELLA is comprised of deoxycholic acid, the same molecule the body naturally produces to break down and absorb fat cells. KYBELLA is injected in several areas under the chin and goes to work essentially eating away the fat cells.

KYBELLA is now available at the Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center headed by Dr. Todd Besnoff. Dr. Besnoff, a skilled cosmetic surgeon and injector, has been fully trained to administer KYBELLA for Ultimate Image patients.

Before your first treatment, Dr. Besnoff will discuss the profile you hope to achieve with KYBELLA. He will also explain, in plain language, any side effects you might experience. KYBELLA has been studied around the world in more than 20 clinical studies.

KYBELLA Injection Destroys Fat Cells Under the Chin, Forever

KYBELLA is injected into fat that has accumulated under the skin. Once they are gone, these fat cells cannot come back.

Patients are treated with multiple injections in up to six sessions. Most will see visible results within two to three sessions.

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