Dermaplaning: Make Your Skin Glow

Tampa Dermaplanning – Clearwater, Florida

Dermaplaning, more commonly known as facial shaving, eliminates the pesky peach fuzz on your face that often clumps makeup and clogs pores with dead skin cells. This simple and safe procedure has been used for decades, especially among Hollywood stars.

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

During Dermaplaning, one of the trained professionals at Ultimate Image will use a scalpel and very light feathering strokes to essentially shave the epidermis and exfoliate your skin. Dermaplaning eliminates dead skin cells and extra fine hairs to expose soft, healthy skin.

Despite the use of a scalpel, Dermaplaning feels just like leg shaving. Painless and easy!

What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

Since Dermaplaning removes facial hair and dead skin cells, luxuriously smooth skin is uncovered that can more efficiently penetrate skincare products and cosmetic treatments. The results are immediate; you’ll feel more radiant and enjoy dramatically more even skin tone and texture.

Without bothersome peach fuzz and dead skin cells, your makeup will apply more efficiently and moisturizers will seal in more hydration.

This procedure is the ultimate choice for pregnant and nursing women who are seeking rejuvenated skin but can’t use standard topical applications or invasive options. Dermaplaning is also a great precursor to laser treatments and chemicals peels since it prepares the skin for optimal saturation.

What are the Details of the Procedure?

Dermaplaning takes no more than 60 minutes, with absolutely no side effects or downtime. With that said, your skin will be sensitive to sun exposure due to the newly exposed healthy skin, so it’s best to wear a hat or shades and some SPF in the following days.

Every dermaplaning procedure removes 21 days’ worth of dead skin, so it’s best to wait about a month before returning for your next procedure. The old wives’ tale that hair grows back thicker and darker after shaving is false. Your peach fuzz, also known as superficial vellus hair, will grow back looking the same as before.

In an appointment no longer than your lunch break, dermaplaning will transform your skin to be softer and brighter than ever before.