PRP Micro-Needling – Clearwater / Tampa Bay

Used alone, platelet rich plasma and micro-needling are each very effective treatments, but used together they are a power team that works in an amazing way to encourage and stimulate the body’s very own repairing, rejuvenation, and anti-aging processes.

What Is PRP? To understand PRP you have to consider a bit of biology. The blood consists of platelets, and the proteins in those platelets are crucial for the body to produce collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin. Without those three elements, the skin becomes dry, wrinkled, and discolored. PRP is a concentration of plasma with a higher platelet content used to expedite the body’s repair process so that new collagen and elastin are generated to rejuvenate and heal the skin. Since you are using only your own blood-serum, this is a completely safe procedure with no risk of allergic reaction.

What is Micro-Needling? Micro-Needling involves the use of a micropen containing multiple micro-needles to create controlled painless injuries to the skin. Though it doesn’t hurt- it feels more like sandpaper being rubbed across your face- the “injuries” nonetheless stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Treatments can be customized based on the damage you want to repair, from acne scars and wrinkles to stretch marks and fine lines.

How Do PRP and Micro-needling Combine? You can receive the Micro-Needling treatment immediately followed by your PRP injection into the skin. This back-to-back process provokes intense healing as your skin is repaired and rejuvenated in multiple manners. The rapid revitalization can improve skin texture and color, fine wrinkles, skin thinning, scars, and large pores.

What is Needed for Treatment? If you want to get the best results from PRP Micro-needling, experts recommend receiving three treatments over the course a few months. The skin is always exposed and thus consistently at risk of damage, so it’s important to maintain continuous care to prevent further signs of aging. The procedure only takes an hour, and your body heals relatively quickly!

This is a powerhouse treatment to banish signs of aging in a safe and completely natural manner.

PRP For Hair Loss
Each of us sheds anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs per day, which is normal and healthy. But more considerable hair loss that leads to significant thinning is a frustrating condition associated with aging that can impact men and women alike. Until recently, most hair restoration options were either unreliable or wildly expensive, but Dr. Besnoff at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center is now offering state-of-the-art PRP treatments for hair loss.

PRP is such a powerful tool to stop and reverse hair loss thanks to the growth factors found in PRP that promote regulation of cells in the body. By increasing the number of platelet-rich plasma in a wounded area, like malfunctioning hair follicles, the body is able to accelerate its healing process.

Dr. Besnoff performs PRP for hair loss in three stages. First, he draws a small amount of blood and places it in a centrifuge that spins the blood for 10 minutes. This spinning works to separate blood platelets from the rest of the blood. The rich concentration of platelets, now known as PRP, are gathered and ready to inject into the scalp. In order to most efficiently inject PRP into the balding areas, Dr. Besnoff uses a special microneedling device that causes controlled injury to the skin to stimulate skin cells into growth repair action. This combination of PRP and microneedling promotes new hair growth and helps thin hair become thick once again.


Despite the terms like “needling” and “injection,” a PRP for hair loss treatment causes nothing more than mild pain and doesn’t require any recovery time. Dr. Besnoff is proud to offer this procedure at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center as an affordable and very successful treatment to help anybody battling unwanted baldness.

PRP for Under-Eye Hollows and Bags
The skin around the eyes is some of the most sensitive on the body, and this leads to problems with pigmentation, wrinkles, texture, and elasticity. We all are familiar with the dreaded eye bags and dark circles that develop in the face of severe exhaustion, but aging tends to make them stick around permanently. There are many different cosmetic treatments that can help the skin around the eyes heal, but PRP is the newest regenerative treatment offered by Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center.

Just as with other PRP treatments, PRP injected into the under-eye area stimulates skin cells to generate new tissue. This triggers fresh collagen production and helps the skin become tighter, more elastic, evenly toned, and smooth. For best immediate results, two to three PRP treatments should be completed about two to six weeks apart. Dr. Besnoff’s patients typically notice improvement immediately! For the best long-term results, the patient should have a touch-up in four to six months, then every 12 – 36 months as needed. This safe and painless procedure produces undeniable results that will help you look and feel truly rejuvenated.