Smooth Away Frown Lines with DAXXIFY™

If you’re one of those people whose mood is written all over their face, then you may be concerned about those lasting wrinkles and furrows that appear over time on your forehead and brow area. They’re called frown lines (or glabellar lines), but we think that’s a bit of a misnomer. The reality is that almost any facial expression – from sadness to worry to excitement to surprise and even smiling – can cause wrinkles in these areas. While you could spend hours learning to talk without moving your forehead at all in hopes of preventing frown lines altogether, we have a better way – DAXXIFY™!

The New (Longer-Lasting) Kid on the Block

While neuromuscular blockers have been around for decades, there’s never been one quite like DAXXIFY™. This revolutionary formula has exploded onto the scene and is currently rolling out in prestigious cosmetic centers all over the U.S., including right here at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center in Clearwater and Tampa. But why all the hype? It’s in the results! Clients will see noticeable results within just a couple of days of receiving DAXXIFY™ injections, and those results will last 6-9 months! Compare that to the average 3-4 months with other neuromuscular blockers, and you can see why DAXXIFY™ is causing such a stir.

What Makes DAXXIFY™ So Different?

Like other neuromuscular blockers, DAXXIFY™’s active ingredient is the purified protein botulinum toxin type A. However, DAXXIFY™ is unique due to its use of a peptide as a stabilizer for its active ingredient. This is a stark contrast to other wrinkle-relaxing injections that use human or animal by-products to stabilize the active ingredient. Use of this peptide via DAXXIFY™’s Peptide Exchange Technology™ allows clients to see results sooner and keep results longer. The removal of human and animal by-products also makes DAXXIFY™ a great choice for clients who wish to avoid these ingredients due to medical or ethical reasons.

Can DAXXIFY™ Treat More Than Just Frown Lines?

Yes! While DAXXIFY™ is FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe frown lines, it can also be used on other areas of the face with amazing results. Your practitioner will help you decide where DAXXIFY™ will work best for you.

Who Makes DAXXIFY™?

If you’ve ever tried the RHA® Collection of dermal fillers distributed by Revance Aesthetics, then you’re already familiar with the company that makes DAXXIFY™. The RHA® Collection of fillers was a breakthrough in the treatment of dynamic folds and wrinkles on the face, offering unprecedented results, and Revance Aesthetics has done it again with DAXXIFY™ for frown lines. Revance is a leading biotechnology company based right here in the United States, and Revance Aesthetics is their branch focused on the future of elite aesthetics.

Where Can I Get DAXXIFY™ in West-Central Florida?

If you live in west-central Florida, and you’re ready to try the biggest innovation in neuromuscular blockers in over 30 years, make the call to Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center at 727-799-7000 to schedule your DAXXIFY™ consultation now. We’re so excited to be one of the first cosmetic centers in the country to offer this ingenious wrinkle-fighting product to our clients and look forward to showing you just how great you can look with our full range of cosmetic services, including DAXXIFY™.