How to Build to a Daily Skin Regimen

Daily Skin RegimenWhen it comes to using skincare products, consistency is key. Without a regular routine, the skincare products that you use won’t provide the optimal results. To achieve the cosmetic results that you want, it’s important to build a daily skin regimen.

Using high-quality products isn’t the only factor that matters when it comes to skincare; it’s also crucial to apply the products in an efficacious order and at the optimal time of day to reap the maximum benefit. In this article, we’ll discuss the components and order of an effective daily skin regimen. 

Step 1: Cleanser 

The first step in any skin regimen should be to cleanse the skin. We recommend a lathering, sulfate-free cleanser that you can gently massage into the skin after wetting it with warm water. Gentle cleansers are ideal to rid the skin of dirt, debris, and impurities without causing irritation. 

Step 2: Toner

Toner gets rid of any lingering impurities to prep the skin for vitamin and nutrient-packed serum and moisturizer. A toner with glycolic or salicylic acid can be used to exfoliate the skin, working to eliminate dead skin cells and regulate cell turnover. 

Step 3: Serum

Serums deliver a powerful dose of vitamins and nutrients to the skin. The best serum for you will depend on your cosmetic goals. Whether you want to reduce signs of aging, fade acne scars, or achieve a brighter complexion, you can find a serum that fits your needs. We offer Vitamin C, Vita Soothe, Green Tea, Wrix-lax, and Neutrophil serums to penetrate the deep layers of the skin, producing visible improvement over time. 

Step 4: Moisturizer

The moisturizer that’s right for you will largely depend on your skin type. Whether dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or anything in between, the team at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center will help you find a moisturizer that works for you. 

Step 5: Retinoids

Retinoids are powerful tools in fending off signs of aging, reducing scarring, and preventing breakouts. It’s important to apply retinoids at night, given that they break down with sun exposure. 

Step 5: Sunscreen

While you obviously don’t need to apply sunscreen as part of your nightly skincare regimen, it’s important to implement it as a crucial component of your daily skin routine. In the morning, apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to prevent skin damage from the sun’s UV rays. Sunblocks available from our office are moisturizing and chemical-free. 

For professional help with building your ideal daily skin regimen, schedule an appointment at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center today.