How to Treat Loose, Crepey Skin

Aging’s effect on the skin can be found all over the body, but especially on the face. As we age, our facial, neck, and chest skin that was once plump and smooth becomes thin and wrinkled, reminiscent of crepe paper. So, how exactly can you restore crepey skin to its previous luster? Well, meet PDO threads!

What are PDO threads?

PDO (polydioxanone) threads are made of an FDA-approved sugar-derived polymer material that is injected directly into the area in need. Once injected, the PDO threads work in the treatment area two ways:

  • By relaxing the muscles and tendon
  • By stimulating collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production

How do PDO threads work?

PDO threads actually affix themselves to the tissue at the injection site and revive blood flow and collagen production. They slowly break down on their own over a 12-week period, leaving behind all the collagen they helped produce. 

How long do PDO threads last?

The treatment area can continue producing collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid for up to two years after treatment!

What else can I do for my crepey, loose skin?

It’s important to maintain a moisture barrier in aging skin since dryness can accentuate wrinkles and fine lines. Adding an emollient and hydroxy acid cleanser to your skincare routine will help keep your skin moist and smooth. Retinol creams may also be a good option. Your skincare specialist can review all the ways you can keep your face, neck, and chest looking their best.

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