The Long-term Effects of Botox®

Botox is the gold standard for neuromuscular blockers to lessen the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. No other neuromuscular blocker is as popular or widely used for both medical and cosmetic applications. But Botox injections typically only last 3–6 months, so to keep up the results, multiple injections per year are required. Just like any other medication, long-term use of Botox comes with a few effects that users should be aware of. Not all of these long-term effects are negatives, and overall Botox is still considered to be safe with “no long-term or life-threatening adverse effects related to botulinum toxin treatment for any cosmetic indications” (source).

Botox users may notice any of the following effects after continued, long-term use:

1. You Need Less Botox

Botox does a great job at teaching your muscles to stay smooth and avoid contractions, and your muscles are great students. Once they’ve learned to contract less, that’s exactly what they do! Most clients who use Botox long-term need less of it as time goes on, since their muscles contract less.

2. Your Results Last Longer

Another result of teaching the muscles to avoid contractions is that your Botox results will last longer with each dose. So you may need touch-ups every 3–6 months at first, but after 10+ years of use, a yearly dose may be enough.

3. Your Muscles are Weaker

Avoid contraction means avoiding movement altogether, so prolonged periods of not contracting will cause some muscle weakness. Think about it like when you break an arm…after weeks or months in a cast not being used, your arm comes out weak and less functional. We want the muscles that cause wrinkles to function less, and weakness is part of the deal.

4. Your Skin Starts Thinning

A rare but possible side effect of long-term Botox use is thinning of the skin. This is noticed more in people who start Botox injections at an early age, like in their 20s. The visibility of facial veins may be increased with skin thinning. Over time, the combination of thinning forehead skin and weaker muscles can lead to a heavy looking brow.

5. You See Discoloration or Texture Changes

Another rare but possible side effect of long-term Botox use changes in the coloration or texture of your skin where Botox is administered. Luckily, this effect can usually be remedied by changing up the injection pattern.

Botox Injections in Tampa Bay

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