Essential Questions to Ask Before Getting Cosmetic Treatment

If you’re considering getting a cosmetic treatment for a skin issue or condition you’ve been dealing with, we’re sure you have lots of questions you’d like to ask. Many people are confused and overwhelmed by the variety of cosmetic treatments now available and need help navigating through the options. Before you decide to get any type of cosmetic procedure, you should ask the following questions so that you’re well prepared:

What are the options for my skin issues?

At your first consultation, we go over your entire health history, current issues, and desired results. We use this information to develop a customized treatment plan for you that addresses all of your skin and body concerns. This treatment plan will typically include several different procedures that we recommend for you to achieve optimal results. Be sure to let us know about all your skin problems during this first meeting, so we can recommend the best treatment combination for you.

What kind of results can I expect?

Knowing what type of results to expect after your cosmetic treatment is crucial. If you do not know what type of results to expect for your treatment, you can easily become disappointed when the results you get are not what you pictured in your head. This can lead to serious mental health problems like body dysphoria or depression. Having realistic expectations of the results you can achieve is easily done by viewing before and after photos from previous clients.

How long will I need to recover?

Recovery times vary depending on the exact procedure or treatment received. Some treatments allow you to return to normal activities the same day, while others may require weeks of downtime. We always strive to recommend a treatment plan that requires minimal recovery time because we know how valuable our client’s time is. However, it is important to follow all recovery and aftercare instructions to achieve the best results possible from your treatment.

Who will be doing my treatments?

Different procedures and treatments have different licensing and administration requirements. Some treatments require an MD, while others can be done by an aesthetician or trained technician. Always ask exactly who will be providing your cosmetic services and what their credentials are before you receive any treatment.

How much will it cost?

Last but not least, always ask about the total estimated cost of your treatments before agreeing to anything. Pricing estimates should be in writing and signed by someone authorized at the office. While pricing estimates can change based on differences in what was expected versus what was done during treatment, you should be able to use them as a guide to know what type of financial commitment your cosmetic treatments will require.

Cosmetic Treatments in Tampa Bay

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