Why Winter Is a Great Time to Have Your Botox Done

Summer gets all the attention, but we think the winter holiday season is just as important! Winter brings with it tons of social gatherings like costume parties, bonfires, Thanksgiving feasts, and gift-giving celebrations. However, winter is not always kind to our skin. During winter, the temperature cools and the humidity falls, while sunlight decreases in angle, duration, and intensity. But why do these changes wreak so much havoc on your skin?

Lower Temps + Less Humidity = More Visible Wrinkles

The dry air during winter doesn’t do your wrinkles any favors. Since there’s less moisture in the air itself, moisture is literally pulled out of your skin and lost to the atmosphere. This obviously makes your skin drier, which in turn makes any wrinkles or fine lines you have look more pronounced.

Lower Sun Angles Cause Excessive Squinting

While the summer sun is more intense, the winter sun actually sits lower on the horizon. This causes direct sunlight to be in your line of sight more often, resulting in excessive squinting that can easily exacerbate wrinkles, crow’s feet, and forehead furrows.

Botox Can Beat Your Winter Skin Blues

No matter what the winter climate throws at your skin, we’ve got a solution at Ultimate Image in Tampa Bay. We encourage our clients to refresh their Botox injections as winter sets in because it:

Counteracts the Winter Dryness

Ample moisturization is essential to combat winter skin dryness, but Botox can also help. By relaxing the facial muscles, Botox can smooth out those wrinkles and lines and make them appear less severe.

Banishes the Furrow

Sunglasses can help ease sun squinting, but they can only do so much. Just like the wrinkles defined by dryer skin, forehead furrows can be smoothed out with some strategic Botox injections.

Metabolizes Slower During Winter

As Botox metabolizes or breaks down, its effects become less noticeable. This metabolization happens quicker in warmer conditions, so you can expect the Botox injections you receive during the winter to last longer than summer injections due to the cooler outside temperatures.

Has Fewer Side Effects

Speaking of side effects, two of the most troublesome side effects of Botox are swelling and bruising. Even though these effects only last a few days, they can have a serious effect on your life. During winter, the cooler temperatures and decreased sunlight intensity mean you’ll sweat less, lowering your chances of experiencing post-injection swelling and bruising.

Botox Injections in Tampa Bay

Have we convinced you to freshen up your holiday face with Botox? Then give Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center a call at (727) 799-7000, or contact us online to schedule your Botox consultation today. We have two convenient locations, Clearwater and Tampa, to serve clients all over Tampa Bay with experience, competence, and a passion for making you look your very best.