Regenerate Aging Skin with Fraxel Laser Resurfacing

So many advanced and innovative treatments are available to improve your skin!

But which one is the best choice to resurface your aging complexion?

Botox and dermal fillers are popular to tackle wrinkles and lost volume. However, if you need to regenerate dull and damaged skin cells, you need a more comprehensive treatment. Fraxel laser resurfacing is the perfect choice for men and women who want to achieve youthful, healthy skin.

What is Fraxel Laser Resurfacing? 

Fraxel is a non-invasive laser therapy that uses light energy to address a variety of aging skin conditions. The laser creates tiny microthermal zones deep in the skin. 

You can think of them like pixels on a TV or computer screen. The tissue around each zone remains untouched, but the zones themselves cause controlled injuries that stimulate the skin’s natural healing process. 

In under one hour, the Fraxel laser triggers accelerated collagen production that leads old skin to be replaced by new, healthy, younger-looking skin. 

Fraxel can reduce or eliminate the most common signs of aging on the skin:

  • Lines and Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Actinic Keratosis

The best results can be achieved after five treatments spread over the span of a few months. While the benefits of Fraxel are impressive, the addition of PRP to each Fraxel treatment will leave you speechless.

Can I use PRP to Maximize Results?

When it comes to enhancing your aesthetics, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is your secret weapon. PRP is a concentrated level of your very own blood platelets that are injected into your skin to generate accelerated healing. 

Platelets contain important growth factors that stimulate cells to generate newer, healthier tissue and repair existing tissue. As a result, PRP is a powerful way to naturally enhance your appearance.

Fraxel and PRP are powerful as individual treatments, but together they offer a powerhouse treatment that will transform and rejuvenate your appearance. Studies show clear benefits for patients who opt for PRP with their laser resurfacing, including additional collagen production, less redness, and a speedier recovery. 

Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center in Clearwater, Florida is proud to use this proven technology to help reverse your visible signs of aging and help you embrace a younger, more vibrant version of yourself. Call (727) 799-7000 to schedule your appointment now!