Turn Back the Clock on Your Skin with Fraxel

Year after year, skin can become damaged due to excess sun exposure, acne, and the regular aging process. These imperfections can be frustrating, but they don’t have to be forever. With Fraxel laser therapy, you can rejuvenate your skin and achieve a smooth, clear complexion — without the need for surgery!

How Fraxel Works

Fraxel is a skin resurfacing treatment that utilizes light energy to deeply penetrate the skin and stimulate its natural collagen production. Collagen is a protein that’s crucial for the structure of your skin. By increasing collagen production, Fraxel helps repair damaged skin and create a full, elastic, and uniform complexion. 

This treatment is different from other skin resurfacing options because it hones in on only a small portion of skin tissue at once. With this method, Fraxel leaves the surrounding skin tissue untreated, allowing for remarkably quick healing. 

What Fraxel Works For 

Fraxel can provide excellent results for the following common skin concerns:

  • Age spots and pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scarring, including acne scarring
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Actinic keratosis (AK), which is a common skin condition resulting from excessive exposure to UV rays

What to Expect from a Fraxel Treatment

Fraxel treatment sessions are quick and convenient. It will only take about 20 to 25 minutes to complete the laser treatment, though you’ll need to arrive at the office early for preparation. 

Patients describe a Fraxel treatment as a feeling of increased heat on the skin. Topical anesthesia will be applied to the skin to keep you comfortable. Cold air is also applied to the treatment area as the laser is applied to reduce the feeling of heat. 

After a Fraxel treatment, patients may feel like the affected skin is sunburned. This sensation typically fades within just a few hours. 

In the months after a Fraxel treatment, be sure to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and avoid direct sun exposure. 

Results from a Fraxel Treatment

Different patients require different numbers of Fraxel treatment sessions for optimal results. While some patients may be satisfied with their appearance after a single treatment session, multiple sessions may be ideal to achieve the desired results. Up to five Fraxel treatment sessions can be completed for the best possible results, with a few months separating each treatment session. 

At Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center, we’re thrilled to offer Fraxel laser technology to help our patients achieve a healthy, youthful look. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!