Time to Sculpt Your Summer Body with Cryo 4s

Summer’s just starting to heat up and now is the time to get in those last-minute body sculpting and rejuvenation treatments. There’s a lot on the market to try, but many treatments are just hype and fads. Even after multiple sessions (and hefty expense), these fly-by-night treatments deliver disappointing, short-term results. Instead, sizzle in that bikini this year after just one session with our innovative Cryo 4S technology!

What is Cryo 4S?

Cryo 4S is actually a combination of three amazing technologies into one powerhouse treatment. By bringing together cryolipolysis, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), and LED light, Cryo 4S blasts fat cells, tones muscles, and stimulates healthy, picture-perfect skin. The best part is that the results are almost immediate and last!

How Does Cryo 4S Work?

The synergy of the three technologies that power Cryo 4S is what makes it so unique:


Cold energy is applied to freeze stubborn subcutaneous fat deposits, deflating and transforming them from white fat to brown fat permanently. The best part? It’s painless!

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

EMS sends electric stimulation through the muscles, causing contractions that bring extra blood flow to the area while toning and tightening. EMS also facilitates the deflation of fat cells targeted by cryolipolysis.

LED Light

LED light is applied to the treatment area in the 400 nm range to stimulate blood flow, cell turnover, and a healthy, youthful glow.

Where Can I Get Cryo 4S on Florida’s Gulf Coast?

If you live in Tampa Bay, Cryo 4S is available right in your backyard! The image experts at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center have the training, tools, and experience to perform this revolutionary treatment right in their Tampa and Clearwater offices. Call (727) 799-7000 or contact us online to schedule your Cryo 4S consultation today!