The Power of B-Complex Vitamins

vitaminsYour body runs just like an automobile. You know that your car runs optimally with the highest quality fuel and oil, so it follows that your body can only look, feel, and perform at its best when it’s fed the right vitamins and nutrients. B-complex vitamins fall into this category of “nutrition your body can’t function without.”

What Are B-Complex Vitamins?

You may actually be familiar with more B vitamins than you think. B1, 2, and 3 are thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin, which you’ve probably heard of even if you’re not sure what they do for the body. B5, 6, and 7 are pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, and biotin respectively. Most people know B9, which is folic acid, but few automatically recognize B12, called cobalamin.

B6 and B12 get the most attention, but all 8 of these water-soluble vitamins are critical to health and cell metabolism.

Benefits of B-Complex Vitamins

Together, these vitamins serve a number of vital purposes in the body. They support health cell growth and division, promote metabolism, enhance the immune system and nervous system, decrease stress, improve mood, and even maintain healthy, lustrous skin.

B vitamins work most efficiently as a team since they can support each other in an intricate system. If you begin to take a B-Complex vitamin on a daily basis, you’ll notice you have more energy without relying on caffeine, stronger and more focused memory and concentration, and more positive emotions.

If you’re deficient in B vitamins, on the other hand, your body sends very clear signs that you are in desperate need of a B-Complex supplement. Chronic fatigue and depression are common, as well as iron deficiency and even eczema.

Common B-Complex Sources

It’s easy enough to take a B-Complex supplement, but strategic food choices can boost your system too. Eggs, dairy products, spinach, and legumes are healthy and natural choices to ensure your body is ready to function at its best. If you enjoy gingerbread, use a homemade recipe with blackstrap molasses for a delicious B-Complex addition to your favorite snack!