Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter with Sculptra

You may think of Sculptra as just another facial filler, but think again! Sculptra can be used all over the body for flawless plumping and contouring.

As we age, certain areas of the face and body lose volume and become dimpled or sunken in. This is known as lipoatrophy. Traditional fillers only fill in these deflated areas, but Sculptra sets itself apart by also stimulating collagen production around the injection site.

All that extra collagen doesn’t just improve skin texture, it also adds volume. On your face, this fills in fine lines and wrinkles, but this plumping effect can be useful in other areas as well! One of the most popular places to use Sculptra on the body is the buttocks. More and more professionals are beginning to use Sculptra in other areas that lose volume as we age, such as the hips and breasts. (Note: Sculptra is only FDA approved for use in the face)

The Sculptra Butt Lift

Often compared with the jaw-dropping results of the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), a Sculptra Butt Lift involves injecting Sculptra around the buttocks to fill in dimpled areas and stimulate the production of new collagen. Over the next few weeks, you’ll slowly notice your buttocks become firmer and more full, all with no surgery and no recovery downtime. That’s a major advantage over the traditional BBL, which is a major surgery that requires extensive recovery!

Sculptra for Hip Dips

Hip dips are dimples that form between the hip and thigh bones. Hip dips are most common in thinner patients with a low percentage of body fat. Traditionally, hip dips are corrected in the same fashion as a BBL — by removing unwanted fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the hip depressions. However, just like a BBL, this is surgery that requires prolonged recovery time and has an increased risk of infection. With minimally-invasive Sculptra, just a few injections can give you the same results, sans all the risks.

Sculptra Breast Augmentation

Using Sculptra for non-surgical breast augmentation is a newer practice, but the results are amazing! Expect to see more and more aesthetic professionals using Sculptra to plump, shape, and lift the breasts with no incisions, no compression wraps, and much less swelling or bruising. Who would have ever thought you could get similar results to breast augmentation surgery in a few simple office visits, with no interruption to your daily life?

Sculptra Injections for Face and Body in Tampa Bay

Start getting ready for summer right now with a series of Sculptra injections in your face, buttocks, hips, or breasts. You’ll be in awe of how quickly you see results, making you look so good in that bikini that you’ll be turning heads all over the beach! Call us at (727) 799-7000 or contact us online to schedule your Sculptra consultation today!