Slim and Tone with Cryo 4S

Slim and ToneIf a slimmer, toner physique has been on your wishlist for years, it can finally become yours with Cryo 4S. This non-invasive treatment is designed to sculpt and tighten the body, providing the results that you want without extreme diets or over-the-top workouts. Cryo 4S makes it simple to regain confidence and feel better than ever. 

The Cryo 4S Treatment Process

Cryo 4S utilizes a combination of advanced technology to greatly improve the appearance of the body. The system features eight plates that cover the treatment area, all of which use EMS muscle stimulation, cryolipolysis, and LED light skin treatment. When the benefits of all of these methods are combined, the results are striking.  

  • EMS muscle stimulation

EMS, or electronic muscle stimulation, is a therapeutic method commonly used in physical therapy. In Cryo 4S treatment, EMS technology is used to contract muscles in the treatment area. This boosts circulation and helps shrink the fat cells in the area while enhancing the number of calories that the body burns. 

  • Cryolipolysis

Cryoliposis, or fat freezing, is used in the Cryo 4S system to freeze subcutaneous fat cells. This painless process permanently eliminates fat cells by causing them to shrink.Cryolipolysis provides a long-lasting reduction in fat cells so that patients can maintain their new, slimmer physique. 

  • LED light skin treatment

During Cryo 4S treatment, LED light is applied to the treatment area. This brightens and tightens the skin for a more youthful, lifted appearance. 

Results From Cryo 4S

One of the key benefits of Cryo 4S is that your provider can set the cryolipolysis and EMS settings according to your needs. So, the temperature, intensity, and time of the treatment will be aligned with your desired outcome. Your provider will position your treatment plates and enter your settings to start the treatment. Then, you can relax as the technology works its magic by slimming and toning the body. 

The Cryo 4S treatment noticeably improves the appearance of the targeted areas after a single treatment session. This safe, comfortable, non-invasive treatment will leave you feeling more confident and beautiful than before. Contact Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center to learn more!