Skin Pigmentation: What Causes Changes and How to Treat It

Wrinkles aren’t the only imperfection that will give away your age.  Pigmentation is also a significant concern, especially after a long, hot Florida summer. What exactly is skin pigmentation, and how can you treat it effectively to rejuvenate your complexion? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Skin Pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation develops when the sun’s harmful rays, especially UVA rays, stimulate your skin’s pigment cells to manufacture pigment called melanin. While melanin can help your skin look glowing and tan after a week-long vacation, it can also accumulate into unwanted dark patches along your skin.

Some signs of skin pigmentation develop quickly, but others take years – or even decades – to become visible. The best ways to prevent skin pigmentation include using a full-spectrum sunblock, nourishing your skin and body with antioxidant-rich foods, and avoiding prolonged periods in the sun. If it’s too late for prevention, the following treatments can reverse your existing skin pigmentation blotches.

How to Treat Skin Pigmentation

Chemical Peels: This non-surgical cosmetic procedure is used to peel away the skin’s top layer in order to improve the appearance of the skin on the face, necks, or hands. It can reduce sun damage and equalize the skin’s pigment.

If you’re interested in a chemical peel, you can choose from various treatment strengths that determine the depth of penetration (light, medium, or deep), length of time (3-10 minutes), and concentration of acid (30-70 percent).

Fraxel Laser Therapy: Fraxel is a non-invasive laser therapy that uses light energy to provide multiple treatment options. The Fraxel laser creates tiny microthermal zones deep in the skin, almost like pixels on a TV screen. Each tiny injury instigates the skin to repair the “damaged” zone by replacing the old skin with new, healthier skin.

The treatment takes a mere 15-45 minutes. It’s non-invasive, easily managed, and very safe. Results show in as little as one week. Up to five treatments can be used over the span of a few months to ensure maximum results.

Medical Grade Skin Care Products: At Ultimate Image, we offer superior skin care products to meet your most customized needs. Active ingredients are added into our products at concentrations meant to produce visible improvement within the first two weeks. Try our hyperpigmentation home care kits to fight signs of pigmentation within your daily routine.

For more help selecting the cosmetic treatments that best meet your pigmentation needs, visit Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center in Clearwater, Florida today. The professionals at Ultimate Image will transform your appearance. Call (727) 799-7000 today to make your first appointment.