Pamper The Man In Your Life This Holiday Season

Having trouble thinking of a unique and useful gift for your husband, father, or brother this holiday season? Why not pamper him? Forget the standard tie or coffee table book. Cosmetic procedures for men are actually booming right now.

More and more male patients are approaching cosmetic medical spas looking for solutions to their aesthetic problems. Give your favorite man the gift that keeps on giving with one of the following procedures.


This non-invasive procedure only takes about an hour, is the equivalent of one intense workout, and in that time freezes and naturally eliminates unwanted fat from the body. It’s essentially controlled cell death that only impacts troublesome fat cells, so it’s the perfect treatment to deal with the trouble spots that exercise can’t address. Though CoolSculpting isn’t for general weight loss, it’s an excellent way for already in-shape men to contour those stubborn pockets of fat.

Laser Hair Reduction

Does any man really enjoy shaving day after day after day? That 5 o’clock shadow won’t get any thinner with daily shaving, but it will with laser hair reduction. It only takes a few minutes under laser lights to significantly thin or even completely remove hair on any part of the body.

Men are most eager to target their faces and chests. The laser hair reduction process is simple and virtually painless, and the results last a very long time. Once hair does grow back, it grows back far thinner, and another round of laser treatment keeps it away even longer. Eventually shaving, ingrown hairs, and razor burn become things of the past.


Men are using Botox for a few reasons! In addition to minimizing the appearance of unwanted facial wrinkles, Botox can actually be used to prevent excessive sweating and minimize the need for deodorants and antiperspirants. It only takes one single treatment to enjoy benefits like increased comfort and confidence for at least six months!

With options and results like these, you’re sure to give the best gift of the holiday season. Call Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center today at (727) 799-7000 to purchase a gift card today. The team at Ultimate Image specializes in cutting edge cosmetic treatments to deliver the results we all want to see.