Improve Your Skin With ProCell Microchanneling Therapy

Improve Your SkinIf you’re struggling with cosmetic concerns such as fine lines, skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, and scarring, there are many aesthetic treatments available to improve your skin. For fast, convenient, and dramatic results, however, ProCell microchanneling is worth your consideration. This revolutionary cosmetic treatment can reduce the appearance of all types of skin imperfections so that you feel confident in your complexion. 

What is ProCell Microchanneling?

ProCell microchanneling is a specialized type of microneedling. During the procedure, the device creates hundreds of thousands of microchannels on the surface of the skin. These microchannels serve two key purposes:

  1. To stimulate collagen production in the skin so that it can more quickly and effectively heal itself. The skin’s development of new collagen leads to an improvement of the skin’s tone and texture while reducing the appearance of imperfections.  
  2. To improve the absorption of the ProCell stem cell serum. The serum is called Stem Cytokines, and it contains mesenchymal stem cells from adult human bone marrow. Stem cells provide powerful healing benefits, further enhancing collagen growth while supporting the regeneration of damaged skin. 

The Benefits of Stem Cells For The Skin

Many stem cells are lost to the aging process. With fewer stem cells, the body is less capable of healing damaged tissue – including skin tissue. By restoring stem cells directly to the area of damaged skin, ProCell microneedling helps patients overcome fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and scarring without the need for surgery. 

What To Expect After ProCell Microchanneling

There’s virtually no downtime after ProCell microchanneling, and many patients notice a sizable improvement to the skin just 2 days after the treatment session. But, to achieve the most dramatic improvement to the skin, most patients are recommended to undergo 3 to 5 sessions. 

If you’re interested in ProCell microchanneling to resolve your skin concerns, schedule an appointment at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center today.