How ARTAS Helps with Hair Restoration

hair restorationAre you experiencing hair loss? For many people, hair loss is a natural aspect of the aging process, with a receding hairline being the most common form of hair loss. Unfortunately, hair loss can also be a major cause of insecurity among individuals, leading them to lose confidence in their appearances. Thankfully, with advanced hair restoration methods like ARTAS, we can now combat hair loss and help people regain confidence as they age. 

What is ARTAS?

ARTAS is an innovative method of FUE or follicular unit extraction. It uses a cutting-edge machine with a robotic arm, which is guided by your surgeon, and artificial intelligence technology to provide precise results. Unlike traditional methods of hair transplant, ARTAS doesn’t leave behind a linear scar. 

The ARTAS machine works by detecting the direction of hair growth, then using that information to select the best areas for transplantation. The areas that it selects have tightly packed follicles, and this method prevents overharvesting from the previously mapped field. The machine analyzes and harvests the optimal grafts thousands of times during a single treatment session. Then, it selects the ideal areas for implantation for a natural-looking hairline that suits your appearance. 

ARTAS Results

After ARTAS treatment, you may experience slight swelling immediately after the session. Some of the initial implanted hair may also fall out. This occurs because most of the hair goes into a resting phase after the treatment, which is a normal part of hair growth cycles. Around 6 months after the treatment, permanent hair growth begins and continues over time. At this point, the hair will appear thicker and healthier with a natural appearance. 

If you’re struggling with hair loss, ARTAS can restore your healthy, natural hair using specialized technology. Contact Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center to learn more about this advanced hair restoration method.