Get Flawless for Fall with Endymed Intensif

Are you ready for the new generation of microneedling? Meet Endymed Intensif, an innovative radiofrequency microneedling treatment that can help with a variety of skin conditions, including:

  • Acne scarring
  • Active acne
  • Cellulite
  • Deep wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Large pores

Using the latest RF skincare technology, Endymed Intensif can transform your facial and body skin with just a handful of treatments!

You might be wondering, “how exactly does Endymed Intensif work?” Well, a trained professional will use our custom applicator to pass gold-plated, non-insulated needles over the skin. During each pass, the needles penetrate the skin anywhere from 0.5mm to 5mm deep. The purpose of these punctures are two-fold:

  1. Deep, penetrating radiofrequency energy is delivered to the skin through the Intensif applicator. This energy creates heat, which warms the tissues in the treatment area. As the area warms, it contracts, tightening the structure and stimulating new collagen growth. The non-insulated needles we use for Endymed Intensif have been proven to hold more heat than other methods.
  2. By puncturing the top layer of skin, topicals are now able to seep deeper down into the epidermis and dermis, providing even more skin benefits than you get from just slathering products across your face.

Ready to kick the Endymed Intensif experience into high gear? With their proprietary Fractionated Pulse Mode, your aesthetician can rev up the heating caused by the Intensif treatment, providing even better and quicker results.

After a series of treatments (usually around 8), you will see maximum results from Endymed Intensif. Those results can last for up to two years with proper aftercare. Avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen is the most important aftercare task!

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and desire acne-free, scar-free, tight, toned, and wrinkle-free skin, call (727) 799-7000 or contact us online. Our team of trained professionals can give you an Endymed Intensif session that will leave you with results so good people will swear you went under the knife. Recover your youthful appearance today with Endymed Intensif!