Enhancing Your Natural Curves with Sculptra

What began as a top-of-the-line facial filler has turned out to be so much more! Sculptra has emerged as one of the safest and most innovative ways to enhance your natural curves all over your body!

What Does Sculptra Do?

Sculptra helps remedy lipoatrophy, which is a localized loss of fat tissue that leads to dimpling of the skin. Sculptra does so by stimulating collagen production at and around the treatment site. This collagen boost adds long-lasting volume to the area, fills in lines and wrinkles, and smooths dimples.

Talented medical professionals quickly saw how beneficial Sculptra could be to not just the face, but the entire body! Read on for some of our favorite ways to use Sculptra for a full body contouring:

The Sculptra Butt Lift

The Sculptra Butt Lift has been described as a Brazilian Butt Lift without the surgery. Sculptra is injected into low-volume areas in the buttocks, especially the upper areas. Sculptra both fills the area and boosts collagen production. A noticeably fuller and firmer is yours in just a few weeks, without lengthy downtime!

Sculptra for Hip Dips

Volume loss in the hips, known as hip dips, forms between the hip and thigh bones. They are incredibly common, especially in thinner people. Hip dips have traditionally been filled by removing fat cells from one area of the body and injecting it into the dips. However, this procedure is invasive and carries the same risks as major surgery. 

Instead of risking major recovery and possible infection, hip dips can be filled in using Sculptra. Those dimples are filled and contoured with just a few injections to create that desirable hourglass silhouette.

Sculptra Breast Augmentation

Yes! Sculptra can even be used to plump and contour the breasts! Sculptra is blazing into the breast augmentation scene with jaw-dropping results. Sculptra can fill, shape, and contour the breasts just like implant surgery without extensive recovery. No incisions, no compression wraps, and minimal side effects!

Sculptra Injections on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Get beach-ready right now with Sculptra injections for your face, buttocks, hips, breasts, or anywhere you need a little boost! Call us at (727) 799-7000 or contact us online to schedule your Sculptra consultation today!

(Note: Sculptra is only FDA-approved for use on the face)