Benefits of ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration

If you have a receding hairline, you know that this sign of aging can be a major source of insecurity. While a receding hairline is a natural result of the aging process, it can make you lose confidence in your appearance. 

Thankfully, as cosmetic treatments and technology continue to advance, innovative treatments for hair loss continue to be released. ARTAS robotic hair restoration is one of the most advanced treatments available today for hair loss, and we offer it here at Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center. 

What Is ARTAS Hair Restoration?

ARTAS hair restoration uses the cutting-edge ARTAS machine. This machine has a robotic arm that your surgeon guides during the treatment. The ARTAS machine detects the direction of hair growth, then pinpoints areas of tightly packed follicles that are ideal for transplanting using AI technology. This process avoids overharvesting from areas that were previously mapped for extraction. 

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